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What is Manifestation

Manifesting is all about believing in something to see it appear.

Believing and then seeing rather than seeing is believing.

Manifesting is the ability to transform and create your reality by using the power of your imagination.

It is a technique that helps virtually every aspect of your life because it allows you to become the best version of yourself that exists, embody the person you most desire to become, and help you to unleash the endless potential that you have to create the life of your dreams.

Manifesting begins with a person acquiring clarity on how they want their life to look and feel in six months or a year.

How to Manifest

1. Get Clear on what you want

Be clear about what you want to manifest and be as specific as possible. If you want to materialize more money, for example, be clear about how much money you want, when you want to have it, how it feels to have this much money in your life, and what you'd do with it.' Write out exactly what you want and how you'd feel if you achieved your objectives on a sheet of paper. Allow your emotions to run free and record them all.'

2. Let go of limiting beliefs

'Make an effort to overcome your limiting beliefs and connect your thinking with your objectives. You will push your goal further away if you desire something but don't believe you're deserving of it.'

Believe you can have it without a doubt - as it may be difficult to immediately believe that you can have what you desire however this is the crucial part to getting what you want effortlessly.

3. Visualisation

Visualize having what you desire, how will you feel when you get it, whom will you tell, how will it feel in your heart will you be happy, and will you have a dance party. What does your life look like having that thing in it?

4. Practice gratitude

‘Be grateful for what you now have and the wonderful things that are yet to come. Gratitude can help you transform your mindset from "lack" to "abundance," meaning you'll choose to spend your energy on what you have rather than what you don't.

3. Take heartfelt action towards your goals

'Do what you can to get closer to your manifestation on your own time, and leave the rest to the universe also known as taking aligned action.

Set achievable objectives, such as going for a daily walk to eventually meet your run target or emailing prospective employers if you want to change careers by the end of the year, you can even open a savings account in anticipation of a trip you would like to go on.

5. Raise your vibration

‘This includes saying affirmations, meditation, being in nature, going on walks, practicing your art, dancing, singing really anything that makes you feel excited about life.

Let me know if this is helpful and I cannot wait to see what you have manifested

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