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How to get out of a rut

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Why am I writing this article? because this has been me not too long ago, I was in such a rut I couldn’t even watch a video on how to get out of a rut, so before you click out of this article, let me get into it .

Identify why you are feeling that way? What is the actual problem

  • Sometimes we don’t face our problems, we push it to the side and ignore them.

  • They are not going to go away that’s why you need to identify it to not let it take control over you.

  • Be honest with yourself and why you feel that way

Seek advice

  • If you are going through something there is a chance that someone or many people have gone through it before

  • Talk to someone you trust, be mindful about whether they can hold that space for you

  • Share with them what you are going through or feeling

  • Maybe they can help you with what you are facing or maybe just hold the space for you to talk.

  • Don’t stay stagnant, if you don’t have anyone, reach out to an expert or read articles/book or watch videos

Change up your routine

  • Maybe change your morning routine

  • Add something extra into your day

  • Do something everyday for yourself that allows you to feel in control of your life

  • You are always one behavioural change or decision away from changing your life

Go towards what inspires you

  • Whether it is working on a side hustle

  • Learning new things

  • Doing a art

  • If nothing inspires you then explore a new video

  • If there are people that inspires you, read up on them google has everything

Now that you have done all of this, identified what has gotten you into a rut

You need to put a plan in place

  • Write down your plan

  • Maybe you are going to work on what inspires you 2 hours a day

  • Maybe you are going to dance or meditate every Saturday morning

I really hope this helped you with whatever rut you are experiencing, if you have had other things helped you get out of a write leave it down In the comments below and lets help eachother out.

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