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How to use Networking to land you a Job

Networking enables you to take advantage of personal and business connections, rather than relying solely on your resume.

Using networking to get a job interview means you’ll enter the hiring process with a relationship and level of trust

While networking can be rewarding, it requires strategy, motivation and sometimes courage.

1. Just Do It

Many people don’t succeed at networking because they’re too shy or intimidated to even approach someone influential.

If you’re polite, direct and accommodating, you should be able to have a short exchange.

If you’re shot down, well, that may not be the kind of person you want to work for anyway. But the first move is always yours.

2. Start with the Relationship, Not the Resume

Remember, networking is about creating a connection, not making a hard sell. “Focus first on building the relationship with the executive. It’s important to make a connection before asking for anything,

This can be done by simply asking questions that show a general interest and enthusiasm in the executive’s company.”

3. Offer Something for Them

Networking requires “Make sure you ask if there’s something you can do for them.”

4. Get Contact Information

Of course, none of this following up can happen if you don’t get contact information. “How do you get contact info? You ask for it.

Tell them you enjoyed speaking with them and would like to stay in touch. Propose things you might stay in touch about; perhaps you’re attending a conference and will update him on that. Ask for the best way to stay in touch, like email, phone or LinkedIn.”

5. Keep Following Up

How do you keep a relationship going without caving in and saying “Please give me a job!”?

Following up is an essential step in guaranteeing that your networking interactions were worthwhile. Follow up with new connections after making initial contact. This follow-up can involve thanking them for meeting with you, asking further questions or sending along an article relevant to your conversation. These continued interactions strengthen the relationship, remind the contact of your meeting and perhaps cause them to think of you for an open position.

6. Use social networks and online resources

Networking through face-to-face interaction is invaluable, but if you want to maximize your reach, use social networks and other online resources to reinforce relationships and search for new connections. Make sure your linkedin is update to date

Connecting with people on linkedin

  • Connect with people you know

Don’t send generic messages, be specific, Hi … how are you doing? I saw you posted about …. And build that conversation first thereafter you can tell them you are interested in …job if they know anyone that is in this industry

  • How to connect with people you don’t know

Find people who work at companies you want to work at or reach out to people who are in positions you want to be in

Start with a compliment, then ask this or that advice.

Good luck and just go for it

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