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How to Interview with Confidence

Its okay to be nervous and sometimes fearful for an interview because you don’t know what or who to expect. You may feel like multiple eyes are on you and when questions are asked you may stumble or feel uncertain about what you are saying. Today I am going to share tips to help you reduce or overcome your nervousness and be more confident in your interview so that you can showcase your best self.

  • You want to Take it seriously, give your 100% Mindset. People don’t prepare because they already have that mindset that they are not going to get the job. Going in with that mindset and not preparing is setting yourself up for failure.

  • Know your worth- why did they invite you for the interview anyway? You have the right skills and knowledge, think of the positive things you have done and this will help build your self worth.

  • Prepare for the interview - this will really set up your confidence, check who is interviewing for, research the company, study the job description, have your questions ready. Prepare your answers , google the type of questions that will be asked and have your stories with various example of scenarios for the behavioural questionnaires, for example have your scenario for leadership questions and for technical questions. rehearse your questions have someone a family or one of your friends help you so that it is fluent in your mind when the question is being asked.

  • Framing your answers, particularly behavioural questions. You need to tell the story. Eg tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult situation, describe the situation itself, paint the picture, share what was going on in your mind and detail the process you went through to deal with it.

  • Influence & Persuasion - Interviews is the one time Hiring managers are wanting you to persuade them convincing them why you are the right fit for the job. Don’t be shy on your experience, skills and why you are the right candidate for this role and how you can help the team or business

  • Engage & build rapport - Nod your head, lean in when they do, smile and build on what they say

  • Visualize & Energize - Take 5/10 minutes and visualise how you want the interview to go and the outcome you want . See yourself winning, imagine the success.

  • Lastly be yourself, be authentic and you will land the job that is meant for you!

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