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FREE courses to improve your Skills

Free courses to help help you become a Manager

Mentor for Impact - start mentoring - UDEMY

The Management Toolkit: A Practical guide to managing people at work - Coursera

Leading with Effective communication (Inclusive leadership training - EDX!

How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in less Time Free courses to shift your career Influencer Marketing for Businesses- Udemy

Course Creation - Udemy

Step by Step Practical Oracle SQL with real life exercises - Udemy Step by Step Practical Oracle SQL with real life exercisesExplains both the what and why of an Oracle SQL concept. Deals with real-life situations.Ramesh RRating: 4.4 out of 54.497 reviews(97)4 total hours37 lecturesBeginnerCurrent priceFree

Human Resources - Alison Diploma in Human Resources (HR)

Diploma in psychology Diploma in Psychology - Revised 2017

Diploma in Business Management Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship - Revised 2017

Diploma in Project Management Diploma in Project Management - Revised 2017 Courses for self development Meditation - Learn to relax

Self Leadership Self LeadershipSelf Leadership in 7 stepsTony BrooksRating: 4.1 out of 54.11,016 reviews(1,016)1 total hour9 lecturesBeginnerCurrent priceFree

Personal Branding

Self Confidence Self-confidenceUltimate, simple guide to self-confidenceSarah OmarRating: 4.0 out of 54.024 reviews(24)39 total mins6 lecturesAll LevelsCurrent priceFree

Personal Finance

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