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8 Major mistakes job seekers make

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Job search

  1. Rely solely on job boards for opportunities

  2. No online presence - if you’re not online or you’re not optimised for the right keywords you won’t be found

  3. Ineffective networking - networking is not just telling your contacts that you’re looking for a job and giving them your resume.


  1. Lack of a good profile summary - it needs to speak to what you can do for the company.

  2. Clearly indicate your duties at the various companies


  1. Lack of rapport - people hire people they like and feel comfortable around. Rapport means building a connection with someone else.

  2. Unprepared and unfamiliar with the company - do you’re research and understand the employers business.

  3. Talking way too much in the interview and not answering the questions.

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