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Are you ready to Breakthrough to Your Next Level

Take action right now to take charge of your life so that no matter what else happens, you are steady and strong on your course toward achieving your goals, creating your dreams and living a life of purpose, meaning, success and joy.

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If you want to take control, own your future and experience life at the next level... You must take next level action.

And right now, you have the opportunity to attend Breakthrough to your next level from the comfort of your own home at your own pace and you have lifetime access to this programme.

If you’re serious about growth and about making this the best year of your life, there’s no excuse for missing out on this course!

With all these concepts I have learned and taught to others, we have experienced incredible changes in our lives from finding amazing jobs immediately without sending multiple resumes, multiple promotions, salary increases and purchasing our desires.

It's calling you. The life of freedom and expression.

I want you to be happier and feel more ALIVE.


It's time

This concepts and mindset shift is going to help you take your life to the next life.

Get ready to get to your next level!

Become the Highest Version of yourself

Read Zaakirah's experience in the program!

Honestly I felt amazing after! I needed a confidence boost and the daily affirmations that was added was perfect. Also what stood out to me the most was the section on limiting beliefs. I really learned from that and going forward I am working harder on mine. I have already started adjusting my mindset for the better and taking it one day at time.

Overall you created an amazing program, your energy inspired me and it was just what I needed in this period of my life.

Thank you so much!🌹


Freaking Amazing

Read Francis experience in the program!

Wow wow wow, everything is done on a next level of professionalism.

The course and its purpose I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.


I must say it really is life-changing, I loved every minute of it.

I now understand that the qualities of my mentors are within me and that my destiny attracts them to me.

I understand the power of my words towards myself.

I know where my focus goes energy flows, I am using my words to create the life, person, finances and ultimate outcomes of my life with.


Once again, thank you so much.


What you will be getting in the Progam

10 Modules

 + Everything you need to walk you through your transformation, with lifetime access!

+ Each day has 2- 5 Modules that I will be guiding you through, I will be doing each exercise with you.


+ The Practical workbook to make working through each exercise easy.

+ Additional daily, weekly, goal setting and habit planners to help you set up for success.

Member Portal

+ Inside your dashboard, you get access to a Q&A thread for any support you need! I will answer these with voice notes and videos like mini trainings!

Life Time Access

+ You have lifetime access to the full program for you to take year after year or whenever you need a boost

Course Content


Day 1

+ Building New Patterns

+Building Irresistible Energy


+Creating your New Story


Day 2 

+ Writing rules for your life

+Incantation (next level affirmations)

+ Creating your next level vision

+Breaking down who you truly are


Day 3

+Creating your personal brand

+ Setting next level goals

+Planning for the next 6 - 12 months

+ Mediations and visualisations 

so much more

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